The Workforce Development Center at North Lake College provides a dedicated space for workforce training, career exploration and Continuing Education programs. Located on Central Campus, the facility is also available to companies and community organizations for meetings, conferences and special events.

Never Stop Growing 

Build on previous knowledge and skills while discovering new passions with Continuing Education (CE) non-credit classes. CE class offerings range from computer training and language skills, to group fitness and photography. After all, just as your professional education is never “finished,” neither are your dreams!

CE courses are open to individuals 18 years of age or older, unless the course is specifically designed for youth or adults 55 or older and is advertised as such. A CE unit (ceu) serves as a standard unit of measure to recognize an individual’s participation in non-credit courses (one ceu = ten hours of participation).

CE Registrar   (972) 273-3360

The Team You Need
(to get the results you want)

As new industry demands present growing employment challenges, the NLC Workforce Development Center is here to train, re-train and enhance workplace skills.

Business & Training Services provide customized employee training programs, needs-assessment consultation services, job skills training and professional development courses for:

• local small businesses

• private and public corporations

• individuals

• governments

• community organizations

Grant Opportunities for Businesses

Free training through North Lake College is available to area businesses and trade unions. Our goal is to help companies build a more highly trained workforce, increase the skill set of incumbent workers and strengthen the Texas economy. Call today and find out how you can qualify!

Skills Development Fund
(972) 273-3369

Skills for Small Businesses
(972) 273-3227

Useful Information

Accounting Services/Cashier
(972) 273-3310, Room A416

Books & Supplies
(972) 550-0509, Room K201

Concurrent Enrollment

Some Continuing Education (CE) noncredit classes cover the same course content as credit classes. Because of this, many credit courses are available to CE students through concurrent enrollment. Availability is limited for concurrent classes and students are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

(972) 273-3360

Every effort is made to contact you when changes or cancellations occur. It is important to keep your contact information accurate so you will be contacted in a timely manner.

Grants/Financial Aid
(972) 273-3320, Room A419

Texas Public Education Grants (TPEG) are available to CE students based on need. A TPEG can be applied to CE career or occupational courses. Eligibility is determined upon review of the student’s grant application by Financial Aid.

Inclement Weather
(972) 273-3000

In the event of severe weather, check local radio and TV stations for school closings. Or visit

(972) 273-3360, Room L100,
lower level of the library

Refund Policy

A 100% refund will be given if a CE course is dropped by the close of business, on the last business day, preceding the day of the first scheduled class meeting. A refund of 80% is allowed if the course is dropped before the close of business on the day of the second class meeting. Refund requests should be made directly in the cashier’s office.

Repeating Classes

A higher tuition rate is charged to students registering for a third or subsequent time in a Credit Workforce CE course. Third attempts include courses taken within the DCCCD since the fall of 2002 semester. For more info: